Steel Trusses

Steel Trusses have been in the past primarily used in commercial roof construction because of the higher costs and weight associated with it. Nowadays, modern fabrication techniques have allowed steel trusses to become more cost effective and lightweight to make them more suitable for use in residential construction.

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Steel Roof Trusses vs Wood Roof Trusses

How do steel trusses compare against wood trusses? Why do some builders use steel trusses, while others use wood trusses? In the construction of a building a precision job is required.

The Advantage of Steel Trusses

When constructing a building there are numerous considerations to be made.

Building with Steel Trusses

Steel trusses are commonly used in commercial construction.

Steel Roof Trusses

Commercial and Residential Use of Steel Roof TrussesA truss is a structure composed of one or more triangles connected at joints called nodes.