Gambrel Roof

A gambrel roof is primarily sloping, with the upper slope having a shallow angle whereas the lower slope going for a steeper angle. This provides the advantages of a sloping roof while providing more headroom in the upper floors of the building.

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Gambrel Roof Plans

Many types of roof designs can be chosen when building a home, barn or shed.

Gambrel Roof Angles

Determining Gambrel Roof Angles for your project Before determining the angles for a gambrel roof, it is necessary to decide how long the rafters will be.

How to build a Gambrel Roof

Ever looked at the colonial styled houses and wondered what would it be like to live in these majestically styles homes with such imposing architecture?Well the time to simply wish and wonder is over as the ‘do it yourself’ roof makes it all possible.

What is a Gambrel Roof

Origin of the Gambrel Roof Gambrel is a Medieval Latin word, derived from the source word gamba, which means a horse’s leg.

Gambrel Roof Trusses

Use of Gambrel Roof Trusses The use of gambrel roof trusses on roofs goes back centuries in American architecture to the earliest documented use being in the 1600’s.